Saturday, November 19, 2005


I went to JOs ( Junior Olympics) in Raleigh to watch the kids fence. I took my 19 year old daughter, Jaime , to watch as well. She has just started fencing. I hope she has learned enough, to be able to pick up something useful from our trip. I picked up something useful....a new sabre glove for me! HA!

Nicole ( a 13 year old girl in our club) took second in the under 19 women's epee and first in Under 17 ( 15-3 in her bout to win first). I was so proud of her. She is a sweet girl and by the time she is driving she could be awesome. I am not a coach, but I am going to make a suggestion to Cam. ( Cam is my pretty redheaded epee and sabre coach.) During the bout, Cam kept telling Nicole to play HER game. Nicole will fence slow and pick you off. She is good at it. However, Nicole needs another game she can play. ( So do I....but that is another post.) Nicole has one tempo. She needs a fast game, to change it up some times.

Jaime and I had things to do at home, so we could not stay to watch Trevor and Tommy fence epee. I like both these guys and I hope they did well. I really wanted to see Tommy fence. Tommy is my brother. ( Not really....we just bonded at our last tournament. He is like my brother with a really freaky gap in time.)

What a good little group. I will check the boards later for results.

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