Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fence For Food

I went to a Ref Clinic this weekend. I learned a few things and have things to work on.

There was a "Fence for Food" novice tournament that followed this. I ran the little kid part of the tournament.

I once thought that if I became good enough, I might like to start a kids class in High Point or some place after I retire. I realized this weekend that I may not be able to cope with little kids in masse anymore.

I will put that pipe dream on hold. 

PS. I only of late told my kids about directing the little kids in their first electric tournament.   I was very patient for a long time and then I watched one little kid moving his head  weirdly back and forth before the bout. This 6 year old boy was wearing a mask. I walked over to him,stopping the bout and asked him if there was a problem. He said his nose itched. I told him to suck it up and started the bout. I also now remember that all my coaches had their butts sitting over at a big table, just yacking and taking it easy while I was in "kiddy hell". I have now made a note of that....I WILL get even. I also saw two little kids bouncing a ball near a strip where "big people" were fencing. I walked over to them and asked them if they knew there was a penalty if that ball rolled on to the strip.  Okay......now I have odd parenting skills....and they are balanced by my wife's sweet loving  parenting skills. Our kids turned out great. ( I have no idea what we did right...but I digress.) In my house....with my kids...we only have ONE penalty. If even today I asked my kids."What is the penalty for screaming and making noise while I am driving on the interstate?"......They would hang their heads and meekly utter,....."Death". I found out at this little tournament that maybe I should have another penality for the first time offenders under the age of 8.Nov. 15

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