Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Coaches Blog

Woody ( One of my coaches), posted  an article on his well written blog that was mostly intended for me. I did not realize it at the time, though I thought it was somewhat different than his regular post. It was more of a lesson than an article. I am truly grateful that he took the time to do that for me.

Part of his article dealt with new fencers. It got me thinking about the way I fence foil. I try to fence it these days, like epee. In epee, I prefer to get some one coming in on the attack. When I was new at foil, I attacked constantly, thus making more points. So I am going to test out my theory next foil class.

For a long time I have though that I was better at foil a year ago. What may have happened is that a year ago, I was scoring more because all I did was attack. (I no longer equate fencing well, with how many touches I make. Though given the every one else...I would prefer to win.)

I am tempted here to copy Woody's article and paste it on my journal. Of course the correct thing to do is ask him first. ( A copy is housed safely in my fencing notebook.)

No fencing for a week and a half. Kids are heading to JOs and then there is Thanksgiving. I need to train on my own during this time. I also intend to hit the gym, and try to renew my dedication there. I have been so slack in that regard for so long.

Matt Cox was coaching sabre tonight. He is awesome. Matt told me at the ref clinic that I had a great en guard. ( I never heard the word great....and my fencing form in the same breath before. My chest swelled with pride for days.) Tonight, he worked on my en guard. I was making errors. 

Some days you are Zorro....some days you are the evil Mexican governor's guards.

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