Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Been a While Sense a Post Jim

Sunday, Nov 6, 2005 - 03:54pm
I think four classes have passed sensed my last post. So, to recap..........

Foil: Sucked
Sabre: Sucked....but maybe not as bad. I will know more tomorrow.
Epee: I did well. I generally do. It is my weapon. Plus I painted my mask to look like a scull for Halloween. I am sure it was distracting, though I did it as a joke.

Foil: I can't say I sucked, because I have no way to measure the "suckieness" of it. I mostly fenced new women students and even though I tried to go easy on them and let them practice, I cleaned their clocks. There was no honor in this. These women were aggressive. That is good, but I find that if I get pushed to hard, I go into epee mode and my hand moves on it's own accord. I like the new older women in class. They are nice. Somehow their presence comforts me and I am not so discouraged in foil.

I need to find a place to rent a vidio camera. I need to see my self fence, so I can figure some things out.

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